Hi there!

My name is Helene and I'm the creator behind VestasSpell, You might also know me as @bumblebee_love on Instagram.

I'm located in the northern part of Denmark and this is where my creations are made. I started my doll sewing journey way back in 2008 shortly after receiving my first bjd.

I have always loved miniatures and stuck my fingers in all sorts of crafts, groving up, so making clothes and props for dolls was a given.

I take a lot of my inspiration from History and nature, with a few fairytale elements sprinkled in for good measure.

Most of what I'm producing these days are made to fit the talented DoDollsDream's dolls - Teacup Marionettes, Petite Marionettes and Miss Marionettes as well as  Minifee and other slim mini sized dolls,

Because of the way I work, I can only open pre-orders once every other month or so. I anounce news on Instagram, and also on this site under news.

Thank you for visiting!